How to Write a Good Nursing Essay - 2022 Guidelines

How to Write a Good Nursing Essay

Nursing is a broad subject that covers multiple subjects. The process of becoming a great nurse involves a lot of research. Nursing students have to write good research papers to complement their practical knowledge. Writing a good nursing paper is tough for some students but doesn’t have to be. Nursing research papers are just like any other research papers with a little customization. 

What Is A Nursing Essay?

A nursing essay is an essay or research paper written by nursing students or a nursing professional. A nursing paper explains a certain phenomenon in nursing and healthcare. Nursing essays are written by nurses who want to explain their findings to fellow nurses and nursing students. Nursing students must write an essay at the end of every course. Professional nurses also write research papers to show proficiency and advance their careers.

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Writing a good nursing paper is not an easy task. However, with some tips and guidelines, you can craft an elaborate nursing paper that showcases your knowledge of the subject and gets you a high grade on your course. This article will cover all the basics of writing a great nursing paper. We will also explore the dos and don’ts of writing a great research paper.

How to Format Your Nursing Paper

A logical and orderly format is essential to having a good nursing essay. The format of a nursing paper reflects the quality of the essay. You can use other nursing essays online to generate ideas on how to format your nursing paper. You can also use the format I will provide in this article to format your paper. A nursing format is identical to any research paper. APA and Harvard formats are the most widely used in nursing papers. 

Types of Nursing Essays

Nursing essays come in several types;

  • Argumentative essays
  • Analytical essays
  • Explanatory essays
  • Synoptic essays
  • Exploratory essays
  • Investigatory essays
  • Instructions essay

Before starting your paper, you should know which type of research your essay is.

A Good Nursing Paper Outline

Here is what a good format for your nursing paper should look like.

  1. Title Page

Any research paper starts with a title page. This page consists of information specific to the writer. Your title page should include the following information.

  • The paper’s title
  • The writer’s name
  • The Writer’s Institution
  1. Abstract

The abstract briefly discussed the aim and expected outcomes of your research paper. An abstract should be brief and clearly explain what your research wants to prove in a single paragraph. An abstract should be between 150-200 words. Your abstract should have several crucial elements.

Remember, the abstract and title pages do not add to your overall research paper’s word count. You are advised to write your abstract after finishing your paper because, at this stage, you have clearly understood your paper. 

  1. Introduction

A good introduction should be short, usually 150 words long. An introduction should explain to the reader how your research will be significant to the nursing realm. The introduction introduces the topic of the title and shows why the said topic is important to 

How to Write a Good Nursing Essay

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  1. Literature Review

The literature review briefly discusses the topics and sub-topics related to your research paper. A good literature review should define important terms and information related to your research paper. A good literature review will show that you understand important topics and issues in your field. You can introduce your readers to new ideas that you think will impact your field of study under the literature review.

  1. Research Methodology

In this sector, list, and state the primary sources of information you used for your research. You can use online repositories to get a good understanding of the topic under research. Nursing research papers are available online to help you conduct your paper. Your research methodology should include the following elements. You should state every methodology, research procedure, and ethics under your research methodology.

  1. Discussion

In this part, you can provide an opinion on your personal view regarding the topic under research. You can show whether the research satisfied your objectives and what you liked what you did in the entirety of the research process. 

  1. Conclusions of Your Research

This is the last part of your essay body. In this part, discuss the outcomes and major findings of your research. It would help if you also hint at new research topics. It would be best if you highlighted how the field of study you are researching should be improved. 

  1. References

You should have a properly formatted and clear references page. You are advised to use an online tool to generate your references. You can choose from Havard, APA, and MLA formats on your references page. 

Useful Tips to Make Your Nursing Paper Excellent

I have compiled some tips that will greatly guide you through the process of writing a good nursing research paper.

Consider Your Topic Choice

You should choose a great topic for your research paper if you want a good score or positive reviews for your paper. You can choose a good topic by;

  • Select from a list of topics you have an interest in.
  • Select a topic the reader is likely to be interested in.
  • Finding a topic with a lot of available sources.

Use Credible Sources

You should use credible sources to conduct your research. The internet is the best source when conducting your research. Ensure you properly cite all sources you derived ideas and facts from. It is advisable to list each source the moment you include it in your paper to avoid cases of accidental plagiarism.

Trusted sources on the internet include academic papers on healthcare sciences, websites run by institutions and governments, and online repositories of academic papers.

  • Google Scholar
  • Cochrane Library 
  • BMC Nursing
  • Scopus
  • Pubmed
  • CINAHL Plus
  • Health and Psychological Instruments

Research Adequately

Conducting a lot of research before and during your paper will give you a deep understanding of the research topic. Doing enough research also helps you explain your thesis and answer critical questions in your essay. Read a lot of journals, articles, and academic papers on the topic of interest to develop an understanding of core concepts. 

Plan Your Research Well

Good planning will ensure you don’t struggle with deadlines and a poorly done essay. Create an elaborate plan of how you will approach the research, what to use during your research and the timeframes of each research methodology action. 

Follow All Instructions Provided

If you are writing a term paper for your instructor, you should follow every instruction provided before writing anything. Following instructions gives you a clear idea of what the instructor requires you to do.

Write As Early As Possible

Starting your paper earlier affords you enough time to research, write and proofread your work more than once. Starting early also means you avoid the last-minute rush. You should start brainstorming and developing your thesis as soon as you decide what your research paper is about.

Use Online Tools Well

Great software can help make your paper tidy and good-looking. Citation and grammar checkers are critical tools you can use to write your research paper. Websites such as BibMe, Citation Machine, and Citefast can help you generate and format references for your work. 

Use a Good Outline

Your paper should have a good outline. You can borrow from the outline provided in this article to create a good nursing essay.

Make Your Content Flow Seamlessly

Your paper should have a logical flow of thoughts and facts. Approach each subtopic and exhaust all points and information under it before embarking on the next one. An amazing flow makes your paper easily readable and interesting.

Make Good Use of Visual Aids

Visual data can make bland information and facts interesting. Use graphs, images, and tables accordingly. The reader gets excited when the monotony of browsing through pages is broken by an appropriate and relevant image.


You should check your paper and make appropriate corrections. There isn’t a limit on the number of times you should check your paper.  

Your paper should be free of the following mistakes. 

  • Grammatical errors
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Format errors
  • Missing content

Things to Avoid In Your Nursing Paper

  1. A long abstract, introduction, or conclusion
  2. Plagiarism
  3. Incoherent thoughts
  4. Unproved facts
  5. Grammatical errors
  6. Use of passive voice
  7. Repetition of content
  8. Personal statements

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