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Cover Letter Writing Help

Are you in the process of writing a cover letter, but you are stuck? Do you need to craft an impressive cover letter to impress your dream company's hiring board and need cover letter writing help? 

Many job applicants do not understand the importance of having a great cover letter. Your cover letter is just as important as your resume. Your resume entails all the skills and qualifications you possess and any experience you have gained. Your cover letter, on the other hand, communicates your personality and soft skills to the hiring officer. Cover letters help the hiring officer determine who fits into their work environment.

Cover Letter Writing Help

Writing a great cover letter should not have to be such an arduous task. This article with guide you through the process of writing and formatting a great cover letter for that job application. I will also provide tips on making your cover letter unique and some things not to include in your cover letter.

What Should a Good Cover Letter Communicate?

A good cover letter should show the hiring officer that you are the right person for the position if it has the following elements.

  • You should briefly highlight your skills and experience relevant to the job advertised. It would be best to communicate why you intend to apply for the advertised position.
  • It would be best if you showed your ambitions for the job advertised.
  • You should provide your primary contacts should the hiring officer decide to contact you after.

How Should You Format Your Cover Letter?

Cover letters should be short and straight to the point. It would be best if you had a simple and clear outline highlighting your skills and experience. Your cover letter should have three or four paragraphs. Your cover letter should be a single page. Cover letters that are more than one page are highly discouraged. Here is a great cover letter outline you can borrow.

Date and Contact Information

The top left corner of your cover letter should have a date and primary contact information in the following order.


Your name

Cover Letter Writing Help

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Your phone number

Your address

Your city

Your email address

A Salutation

It would be best if you did adequate research about the company offering the position. Due diligence can help you have an idea about the hiring manager. You can personalize this section to make your cover letter stand out from other applicants. Avoid cliché salutations like "Dear Mr." or "Dear Miss."Instead, address the person who will read your cover letter. A good salutation, for instance, can be, "Dear HR Officer."

The First Paragraph

The first paragraph should immediately state your interest in the job advertised in a simple and short sentence. You should also state how you came across the job advertisement. List one source even though you might have seen the job adverts on many platforms. If you are applying through a recommendation, you can provide the name and position of the person who recommended you. Recommendations are very vital, and they can make your application instantly look good.

The Second Paragraph

In the second paragraph, show why you are the best candidate for the job. Convince the hiring manager that you are a perfect fit for their company. Emphasize their need for a good employee and don't expose your need for employment in any way. Find out what the company stands for and highlight how you believe in the company's values. Inform the hiring manager about your current occupation and prove how your experience is vital to the position advertised.

The Third Paragraph

In this paragraph, you should provide a background of your career and education. List any work experience that is directly related to the job advertised. You should make sure you have listed the skills that you think the recruiters are demanding. For instance, you could write, "My perfect people management skills make me the most suitable candidate for this position."Mention how your current occupation has prepared you for the position being offered.

The Closing Paragraph

Your final paragraph should entail gratitude and closing remarks. State your primary phone number or email address for further contact. Your last paragraph should display your willingness to continue with the recruitment process.

You should end your cover letter by signing off and leaving warm and formal remarks.

Tips to Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

A great format for your cover letter is essential but not enough to woe the hiring manager. Here are some tips that will make your cover letter unique.

  1. You should write a custom cover letter for any job application. Do not use a special cover letter to apply to every vacancy. It is advisable to write your cover letter days before you submit it. Tailor it to fit the requirements that the recruiter demands.
  2. Provide the relevant information and list related skills to the job advertised. Do your research about the position advertised. Find out what successful applicants included in their cover letters. Look at how other applicants have written cover letters for the advertised job and write a better one.
  3. Use appropriate jargon that suits the job advertised. Each industry has terms that only people in the sector understand. Using the right vocabulary conveys that you know the industry well.
  4. Follow all instructions listed by the recruiter to the latter. Following instructions bodes well with any recruiter.
  5. Properly highlight the skills that make you the best fit for the advertised job. Recruiters look for certain keywords in your cover letter. Read the job advert thoroughly and list the skills that are prioritized. List those skills first, and you will catch the recruiter's attention.
  6. Provide a good call to action message at the end of your cover letter. Make it clear that you want the recruiter to contact you after reading your cover letter.
  7. Your resume should be brief and straight to the point. A short, four-paragraph cover is ideal and effective.
  8. Use the same paper for your resume and cover letter. The hiring officer will probably look at these two documents first, and having a uniform paper for both will create a good impression.
  9. Always use the black font on your cover letter. Black font is the universally accepted colour for any formal writing especially covers letters.
  10. Highlight your career ambitions and how the position offered will catapult you to greater success. Recruiters seek dedicated people who want to advance their careers to join their teams.
  11. Show enthusiasm for the position advertised. Your tone should communicate your intention to enjoy your work should you be granted the position. Do not convey sadness and pessimism, especially on a cover letter.
  12. Address the hiring officer personally on your resume. Your letter should speak to the person and not the organization's hires. Avoid using phrases such as "your company" or "Human Resources Department."
  13. Proofread as many times as possible. Go through your cover letter and correct any grammar and spelling mistakes you find.

Things to Avoid In Your Cover Letter

Once you have crafted a good cover letter for your job application, you should polish and eliminate repetitive and redundant information. Here is a list of things not to include in your cover letter.

  1. Avoid repeating information. Do not include everything that your resume entails. The recruiter has probably gone through your resume. You should not include your full education background.
  2. Avoid using long sentences. Long sentences are hard to understand and a good source of ambiguity.
  3. Avoid providing any false information. If you fall short in any requirements, be truthful and leverage that with any other skill or qualification. False information will get your application rejected instantly.
  4. Avoid making demands of any sort. It would be best if you kept a neutral tone throughout your cover letter. Do not state the salary you expect in your cover letter. Demanding people come off as rude. The recruiter will disregard your application instantly if you appear rude and demanding.
  5. Avoid any irrelevant information in your cover letter. Do not include any information that seems unimportant to the recruitment process.
  6. Do not reveal any plans to leave the job advertised any time soon. Recruiters are often looking to fill positions for the long term, and any indications that you won't fulfil this will make the recruiter discard your application.
  7. Do not include any facts about the recruiter that you do not like. Do not give compliments of any sort either. Avoid negative talk about any subject on your cover letter.
  8. Avoid any questions about the job on your cover letter. Questions about the advertised positions should be reserved for the interview process.
  9. Do not discuss any reason or reasons why you quit your previous position, as this will give the recruiter a clue about your major weaknesses.


An outstanding cover letter complements your resume and gives you an upper. Use the guidelines that have been discussed in this article to write a good cover letter for your dream job application. You should make sure that your cover letter is error-proof and formatted. Get cover letter writing help from our superb writers today!

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