How to Write a Successful Admission Essay - 2022 Guidelines

How to Write a Successful Admission Essay

Applying for college is daunting, let alone crafting an impressive essay to support your application. An admission essay is one of the most important requirements when applying for college. A great college admission essay will set you apart from thousands of other applications and give you a head start in getting selected for your dream college. According to, your application essay accounts for 25% of your application score. Your application essay should be exceptional and well-written.

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When Should You Start Writing Your Essay?

Starting earlier is recommended when you want to write a good application essay. You will have enough time to gather resources and include more content in your essay. You also have the liberty of editing your essay often to your satisfaction. Many colleges post their essay question and requirements on their websites. Starting earlier can also give you ample time to collect and gather new recommendations. Your application will look impressive with several recommendations.  

It would help if you started writing a college application as soon as you have figured out the major you want to pursue. Colleges use application essays to interact with their applicants indirectly. A good application essay thus helps you effectively communicate your desire to attend a certain college.

What Should Your Application Essay Entail?

We have concluded that you should start writing your application essay as early as possible. But what does a really good college application essay entail? What makes an application essay stand out? What does your dream college look at when assessing thousands or even tens of thousands of applications? These questions can cause anxiety to anyone who wants to impress their dream college. Here are some important details that you should include in your college application essay to make it stand out from the crowd.

College Admission Essay Help

Writing your application essay should be the easiest task when applying for college. However, this is often the toughest task among applicants. Colleges require you to write about 500-700 words on your application essay. Every individual applying to college has written a lot of essays during their high school time. Writing an application essay shouldn’t be that hard. Are you curious about what to include in your essay? Here are some important things to include in your essay.

How to Write a Successful Admission Essay

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Answer to The Prompt Question

Your application essay should be centred on answering the prompt question that the college provided. You should focus on addressing the issues and answer the prompt question. A detailed and concise answer shows that you easily follow instructions. Respond to any instructions and guidelines that are included in the prompt. Follow any formatting rules and requirements with accuracy. Your essay should not exceed the word limit set by your college by a significant number.   

  1. A Highlight On Yourself

Colleges are very selective when it comes to the kind of individuals that they admit. Good colleges want assertive people with personalities that can influence others. Writing about yourself, your background, and your experiences is encouraged. A college application is not the place to include your academic and co-curricular activities. It would help if you instead reflected on how your stellar achievements have shaped your personality. 

An application without a personal touch will instantly become boring to anyone reading it. If you want to include a certain topic in your essay, make sure you state how the said topic makes you feel. For instance, if you are interested in climate change, do not discuss the apparent effects of climate change on humankind. You can, however, highlight how unpredictable weather patterns affect your yearly schedule. 

  1. Why You Want to Attend this College

It would be best if you communicated why you want to attend the college you are applying. Colleges are looking for individuals who fit into their schools, and the best way to gauge that is by assessing your reasons for applying. Your application should have a paragraph or two about why you desire to pursue an education with them. 

You should therefore conduct due diligence and determine your greatest motivation for applying to that specific college. Your reasons should be realistic and authentic. You should state what you think the college will offer you and why you chose to apply there. 

  1. Your Life Goals

Your life goals clearly show your personality and potential to be successful. Your application needs to emphasize what you want to achieve in years to come. Doing this will convince the college admission officer that you are a focused individual with aspirations in life. Colleges want result-driven and optimistic individuals. Communicating your life goals in your essay will help convince your dream college to select you.

  1. Complimentary Stories to Aid Your Application

Colleges want to know how life events shape your perception of the world. You should therefore provide compelling life stories that compliment your narrative. Your story should be brief and interesting. It would help if you wrote about a significant occurrence in your life that changed your understanding of the world. Indicate why this event motivated you to apply to the college. For instance, an individual applying to Havard can state that they were inspired by the actions and success of Barrack Obama. They, therefore, feel that getting into Havard is a good way of emulating Barrack Obama. 

It would be best to choose compelling background stories that authenticate your application.

What Not to Include In Your Application Essay

Now that we have made clear what to include in your application essay, let’s dive into things that you should avoid in your essay. 

  • Avoid writing about general topics that will not interest the college admissions officer. Remember that your essay will be analyzed by an intelligent person who has a comprehensive understanding. Avoid stating obvious facts. You should only include important and unique information.
  • Maintain a neutral tone. Colleges like individuals who have a strong opinion on important matters. Your essay should not display elements of extremism. Your application is not the place for hatred and intolerance.
  • Avoid listing every achievement you have acquired. Instead, it would be best to focus on the major aspects that will help you write your application. Please do not list your academic scores on your application, as the college already has them.  
  • Avoid repetition. Write new and useful statements that are informative.
  • Do not lie. Lying will get your application rejected instantly. 
  • Check your grammar. An essay with grammatical and spelling errors will display your laxity. 
  • Proofread thoroughly. It would be best if you made a provisional draft a month before the application deadline is advisable. Proofreading will allow you to go through your essay as often as possible. Remember to run it through spell-checking software. 
  • Avoid showing your application to many people. You will make your views and opinions “diluted.” It is advisable to seek professional help. A qualified person can give you an insight into where your application lacks and how you can improve it. 

Tips to Make Your Application Essay Stand Out

 Writing an application essay is the first piece of the puzzle. Your essay is going to be assessed among many other applicants. Here are some tips that will make your essay unique and impressive.

  1. Write a good introduction. Engage the admissions officer right from the start. A good introduction shows that your application is interesting and worthy of reading.
  2. Be authentic. Your college application essay should demonstrate your true personality. Your application entails your narrative. Your story will only be interesting if it is true. Individuals at the college admissions board have read many application essays and can spot inauthenticity when they see one. 
  3. Structure your essay accurately. A good structure will help the admissions officer read your point easily. A great essay structure is possible with good planning. Make sure you plan for your essay adequately by outlining the structure on paper and following it religiously.
  4. Use appropriate examples when proving your point. Chose examples that the admissions officer can relate to and easily visualize.
  5. Avoid clichés. Look for unique examples and background stories that have happened to you.
  6. Conduct adequate research about the college you want to attend. Colleges are very confident in an applicant with vast knowledge about their institution. Colleges want individuals who match their ethics and aspirations. Demonstrating adequate knowledge about the college you are applying to significantly boosts your chances of being selected. It makes your application easier.  


A good application essay should be unique and interesting. It is best to show a college that you have a life outside good grades and co-curricular activity. I believe that a college application essay is the most important essay any person will ever write in their life. A lot of emphases should be placed on writing a clear, well-formatted essay to increase your chances of being admitted to a good college.

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