How to Write a Thesis Statement - Guidelines 2022

How to Write a Thesis Statement

Are you looking to generate a really good thesis statement for your research paper? A thesis statement is taken for granted by many students and researchers even though it contributes immensely to your paper's logic and flow of thoughts. Are you looking for ways how you can come up with a really strong and effective statement process? You are in the right place. A good thesis statement is crucial to any research paper.

What Is A Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is a sentence in your essay that briefly explains your research. A thesis statement should appear in your paper's introduction, usually a sentence long. Your thesis statement is the part your reader will look for to understand what your essay will discuss. Everything in your paper will be based on what you communicated in your thesis.

How to Write a Thesis Statement

Why Do You Need A Thesis Statement?

Every research paper needs a thesis statement for academic reasons. A thesis statement gives your reader a precise and accurate idea about what you will discuss in your essay. Let us look at the purposes that a thesis statement serves.

  • It provides the direction of your essay.
  • It is used to test ideas
  • It provides the main argument of the essay
  • It aims to organize and develop your argument
  • It shows the reader how you interpret the topic you want to tackle

How Do You Write A Thesis Statement?

Writing a thesis statement should not be that hard. Before writing a thesis statement, you must consider your topic and field of research first. Conduct prerequisite research and get a deep understanding of your topic. Do not develop a thesis statement using assumptions and personal views. Gather all resources you will use in your research and understand key concepts before deciding on your thesis statement. Don't formulate your thesis just after you receive your research instructions because a good thesis results from a lot of immense brainstorming.

How Do You Write A Thesis Statement If Assigned A Topic?

You can skip this subtopic if your professor has not assigned you a topic to tackle. Writing a thesis statement when assigned a specific topic is easier than coming up with one yourself. Your course instructor expects you to develop a thesis statement within the scope of your assigned topic.

How to Write a Thesis Statement

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The best approach to formulate a thesis statement when you have been assigned a specific topic is by turning the subject and meaning of the topic assigned into a question.

 For instance, if your assigned topic is, "What effects does Twitter have on the attention span of under-16s?" you can easily formulate a thesis statement using a straightforward approach. Ask yourself, "Does Twitter affect the attention span of under-16s?". Any possible answers to the question I have just formulated are potential thesis statements. The following statements can be derived from our sample topic.

  • Twitter affects the attention span of under-16
  • Twitter does not affect the attention span of under 16's

How Do You Write A Thesis Statement If You Are Not Assigned A Topic?

If your course instructor did not provide a topic for your essay, you have a lot of freedom about how what the thesis statement will be. However, you should think thoroughly before writing your thesis statement. Carefully choose your topic and find out what you want to discuss in your essay. If you have not been assigned a topic for your research paper, your thesis statement should have the following attributes.

  • Your thesis statement should communicate your main idea. Show your reader what you want to discuss in a single sentence.
  • Your thesis should show which side you stand with in the question. In the example we looked at earlier, our thesis statement communicated that Twitter affects the attention span of under 16s.
  • Your thesis statement should provide a clear conclusion about the topic discussed in your essay.

When you are not assigned a research topic, ensure you brainstorm because you are responsible for developing your main idea. Make sure you choose a topic you understand and are interested in. Your thesis statement should also have a narrow scope to avoid ambiguity. Many thesis statements can be formulated if you choose a very broad and general topic. Make sure that you narrow your topic to

Attributes Of A Good Thesis Statement?

Once you have written your thesis statement, how do you know it is effective? Here are some attributes of a great thesis statement.

  • Your thesis statement should take a stand. A thesis statement should conclude with what you stand for. In your thesis statement, show the reader that you have concluded, and you will discuss why and how in the course of your essay.
  • A good thesis statement is specific. A broad and generic thesis statement will allow for many discussions against the main point. Narrow down your thesis to a specific and clear thought that the reader will not easily dispute.
  • Your thesis statement should communicate a single point which is your essay's main idea. Any thesis statement with a bifocal point of view is weak and will not help you convince the reader. Look at this example of a thesis statement.

"Technological growth has produced negative and positive effects on the world economy." This statement has included two ideas. It is very hard to develop and write an essay about technology's positive and negative effects in one essay. This statement is also very weak since the effects of technology are very many, and it would be impossible to cover all of them in a single essay.

  • Your thesis should introduce your main idea to the reader. A thesis statement that states what the writer intends to talk about in the entire essay: a thesis statement is like a second title. Your reader can decide to read the article or abandon it after reading your thesis statement.
  • A good thesis statement is short and precise. Thesis statements are usually one sentence long and should include only important details. Your thesis statement should state your essay's point clearly and concisely. Let us have a look at another thesis statement.

"Lack of nutritional information is leading many Americans to obesity."

This thesis statement is very clear that the writer wants to discuss how a lack of nutritional information leads Americans to obesity in just one sentence.

  • A good thesis statement should display confidence in the thought and stand that the writer has put forward. Your thesis statement should not suggest but rather demonstrate you know what your essay is about. Do not use phrases like "I think" in your thesis statement. Remember that your reader expects you to be an authority in your field of study. Your reader will not read your essay if you indicate that you are unsure about what you want to write
  • A good thesis statement should leave room for discussion. A thesis statement is the reader's interpretation of the question or topic they are tasked with. It is, therefore, not a good idea to state a fact as your thesis statement. An example of a poor thesis statement is, "The oil sector contributes to the majority of Saudi Arabia's economic output." The problem with this thesis statement is that it is factual, and no valid argument can be made against it.
  • A good thesis statement should answer the why and how of your topic of research. Your thesis statement should briefly explain why the subject in your essay happens the way it does. Let us use the abovementioned statement, "Lack of nutritional education is the major cause of obesity," as an example. The said thesis statement explains how and why obesity happens in America. The thesis statement shows how lack of nutritional education and obesity are related. The statement answers the question of how obesity in America occurs. If your thesis statement cannot provide the how's and why's of your idea, it is weak, and you need to restructure it.

Examples of Thesis Statements

I have compiled some good examples of thesis statements that satisfy all the elements discussed in this article.

  1. Leon Tolstoy's Ana Karenina is one of the best novels of the last millennium because it highlights the victimizations that women suffer in a men-dominated world.
  2. Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause major health issues such as seizures and alcohol poisoning.
  3. Air travel has revolutionized human beings' travel by enabling faster movement of goods and cargo.


A thesis statement needs to be precise and accurate. It should communicate your essay's main idea in a single sentence. Make sure that you formulate an elaborate and efficient thesis statement. Your statement thesis will act as a guide for your thoughts and flow of logic throughout the paper.

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